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American Kickboxing

A lot of people seem to think that today’s kickboxing stems from Japan, Thailand, or another place within the East. The truth is: the actual origins of kickboxing can be revealed by its original known name of full-contact karate.

Kickboxing was influenced by Muay Thai, as well as other martial arts like boxing and karate. You might not know that kickboxing has only been around in the West for around three decades, which isn’t much when compared to boxing that is almost two centuries old.

Full-contact karate initially arrived in the form of American kickboxing in early 1970. Joe Lewis, who is the father of kickboxing in America and was influenced by boxing training sessions and Bruce Lee, staged the initial bout of contact. He knocked out Greg Baines and became the very first champion in heavyweight.

Kickboxing is a fighting sport that makes use of punches kicks, bows and throws that represent a particular martial art and is generally practiced for fitness or as a sport of full contact. When it comes to full-contact sports, male boxers remain barefoot and bare-chested, while donning boxing trunks, while female boxers usually wear tank tops and shorts. Some of the time, kickboxing is practiced independently; however, in a lot of cases, kickboxing is merely an event with a set of rules that martial artists in other styles can compete in openly.

In a lot of competitions, kickboxing refers to a standing sport of fighting that does not allow the fight to continue if it reaches the ground, but only a few styles still train within this component. Sanshou, for instance, needs to be adapted to kickboxing tournaments and a lot of other martial arts from Japan, mostly within the police and the military. Kickboxing also happens to be attributable to the K fighting style series.

When it comes to kickboxing, the overall outcome gets determined by knockout, kick-knockout, draw, the judge’s decision or anything equivalent, like with professional boxing. Every participant has to wear padded footgear and gloves, as well as execute a certain amount of kicks above-the-belt in each round. These padded footgear and gloves were introduced to the sport in order to reduce unsightly cuts to the face.

Head butts, chokes, elbow and knee strikes, striking and holding, biting, and striking whenever the opponent is down is strictly against the rules. Matches occur within 16 to 20 square feet rings with ropes, like in boxing, and last from three rounds of two minutes for beginners up to twelve rounds for expert world championships, with a rest period of one minute between each rounds. Every bout is controlled by referees, while monitored by attending physicians and scored by judges.

There are various rules when it comes to various kinds of kickboxing. Although kickboxing can be practiced at any age, a helmet would be strongly recommended for anybody under 18 years of age.

The History

Kickboxing comes with two words: kick and boxing. Within the 1960’s, people with various backgrounds in martial arts, such as Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace, developed a brand new martial arts style. Since they had various backgrounds in karate and boxing, they came up with a brand new style, promoting tournaments via various organizations.

In the early 70’s, the world of American martial arts became shaken due to the demands that were made by a brand new generation of young practitioners. Fighters began to look for competitive formats to put their skills to use in full effect, with kicks and punches of full power fought until knockouts. The creation of special protective equipment made this sport’s evolution speed up to the form that is now called kickboxing.

From 1970 to 1973, several promotions of kickboxing were staged all around America. Within its earlier days, there weren’t any clear rules. In fact, one early tournament didn’t have weight divisions and every competitor fought with one another until only one remained standing.

Modern Kickboxing

Kick-box aerobics refers to a class of cardio kickboxing that happens to be a combination of aerobics, boxing and martial arts done to the rhythm of music. Cardio kickboxing, fitness kickboxing or aerobic kickboxing provides a complete and intense body workouts that makes use of training routines that martial artists use in both kickboxing and boxing. The kick-box aerobics objective is not to turn you into a fighter, but to offer you a completely balanced program, which brings together cardio aerobic workouts and self-defense tactics. Additionally, such classes offer benefits in both strength and fitness training since a resistance comes with kicking and punching heavy bags. No physical contact happens in these classes, though; they are only provided as alternatives to regular aerobics.

Many people have come to find that cardio kickboxing is actually a great way to let go of stress. Stress relief and aggression channeling is as beneficial as actual physical workouts. The main physiological difference between cardiovascular workouts like running and this particular workout cannot simply be explained through a basic endorphin release. Natural highs are experienced after classes that last for hours. And you might be surprised to find out that kicking a bag several times can leave you with a wonderful feeling of tranquility.

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