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Kuk Sool Won

Kuk Sool Won refers to a comprehensive system of Korean martial arts that was founded in 1958 by In Hyuk Suh. Kuk Sool Woon means “national martial art” and is now taught all over the world within hundreds of schools that are registered. Founded as a system rather than a style, the practice of Kuk Sool Won isn’t generally restricted to a single discipline. Instead, it encompasses a lot of various styles. As such, it is very well-organized and hopes to explore and integrate every aspect of classic Korean martial arts, while holding discernible traits that still set it apart from them.

Grandmaster Suh studied numerous systems of Korean martial arts ever since he was young and decided to bring together a lot of methods and tactics that he learned into a comprehensive and complete system, which would reflect the overall philosophy and history of martial arts in Korea Today, Kuk Sool Won is known as an official governing body of Korean martial arts and is thus called by the government of Korea.

As a system of martial arts, Kuk Sool Won tries to cover the whole spectrum that comes with body conditioning tactics and established fighting arts in Asia, along with classic weapons training and mental development. Traditionally, Kuk Sool Won gets a lot of its roots from prehistoric and ancient martial arts that were put to use centuries ago. Kuk Sool Won also makes use of a lot of contemporary tactics lie weapon improvisation and gun defense. Kuk Sool Won comes with a lot of facets to it and is used primarily for healing, self-defense, competition, conditioning, fun and even aesthetic purposes.

The typical traits of Kuk Sool Won are its graceful and fluid motions and low stances. It also focuses on pressure points and joint locks. Because of this, Kuk Sool Won is called a hard-soft style, since it includes forceful and hard strikes, as well as fluid and circular movements. Although Kuk Sool Won might come with particular elements that are specific to various martial arts styles, it goes past those ranges and incorporates and focuses on all of them to give students and practitioners a complete understanding of a wide range of theories and tactics of martial arts.

When it comes to self-defense, nothing can beat Kuk Sool Won. It brings together joint locks, kicks, punches, throws, falls, chokes and a wide array of weapons tactics into a dynamic and beautiful style that focuses on fluidity and speed. Together with meditation, physical training, breathing, acupuncture and acupressure tactics are put to use for better health, internal power development and to slow down the process of aging.

In philosophy, Kuk Sool Won focuses on self-discipline, humility, loyalty, self-control and respect. Combined, such aspects offer the means to attain a life that is healthy and long.

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