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Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai refers to what the Thais call their personal martial arts. "Muay" means boxing. In ancient times, because no advanced weapons were invented yet, they only used lances, swords and staffs in their wars. Thailand had to fight and encounter a lot of marauders this way to keep their communities protected. The arts of krabi (swords) and krabong (staffs) were specifically taught to Thai soldiers, so they could fight. Along with this, Muay Thai was taught as an art of self-defense since soldiers sometimes found themselves in trouble after losing weapons and having to battle with hand-to-hand combat.

Today, Muay Thai is a kind of hard martial art that is practiced in various countries in Southeast Asia and is known through various names. Cambodia calls it Pradal Serey; Malaysia calls it Tomoi; Laos calls it Lao in Laos; and Myanmar calls it Lethwei. The various kinds of kickboxing within Southeast Asia happen to be similar to various kinds of Kung Fu in Silat or China within the peninsula of Malay. The Thai military makes use of a revised version of Muay Thai known as Lerdrit.

Muay Thai plays a big role in Thailand’s history and as a national sport. Classic Muay Thai that is still practiced today differs a little bit compared to the ancient Muay Boran. Now, it makes use of punches and kicks within a ring and gloves are worn, similar to Western boxing.

Muay Boran, on the other hand, was separated into Muay Korat, which emphasized on strength and could defeat buffaloes with a single blow; Muay Lopburi, which emphasized on movements and made use of straight counter punches; Muay Chaiya, which emphasized on defense and posture of the knees and elbows; and Muay Pra Nakorn, which emphasized on speed, most of all with kicking. Due to its quick speed, it was also called "Ling Lom" which means “windy monkey”.

Muay Thai refers to the science of eight limbs: the shins, hands, knees, and elbows happen to be used quite extensively within this art. Expert Muay Thai practitioners are therefore able to execute strikes with these eight contact points instead of just the two points in Western boxing or four points in mainly sport-oriented kinds of martial arts. As with other types of martial arts, Muay Thai can be practiced to perfection by anybody. All that is needed is the strength and dedication to practice since it deals with the arts of the head, elbows, fists, feet and knees to attack the opponents’ weakest body points.

Several people state that Muay Thai is a martial art that is extremely powerful and even deadly. In today’s day and age, however, it has been developed to be more of a self-defense, professional sport or fitness program that comes with normal regulations. Thais aren’t the only ones familiar with Muay Thai; everybody in the world is. Women and men of any age can practice and learn Muay Thai for sport, recreation or to use in actual competitions.

If you believe Muay Thai is merely suitable for strong men with big muscles, you are wrong. It may be true when looked at as a type of professional sport since you need to be skillful and strong to overcome your opponents; however, when it comes to learning an art of self-defense, anybody could learn Muay Thai.

Nowadays, Muay Thai is more famous as a professional sport, though. The majority of people choose to learn Muay Thai primarily to enter competitions and become champion. Therefore, the majority of training camps or gyms for Muay Thai have to adjust lessons sometimes. A lot of deadly tactics are restricted from use within competitions and actual practices.

Beginning to learn about Muay Thai today would be to get yourself ready and strong enough for further training. It would be of the utmost essence to apply for a training center or training gym since Muay Thai isn’t just aout learning how to fight, but how to learn about its norms and cultures, which are very important. Muay Thai also relates to various superstitions and rituals. There is no way anybody could become a good boxer of Muay Thai without knowing about its culture that can only be learned from qualified Thai teachers. Videos or books won’t help.

Muay Thai, with karate, taekwondo and savate, were heavy influences for the overall development of kickboxing within Europe, North America, and Japan. Muay Thai suddenly became popular in the 90s after it proved itself to be highly effective in mixed fights of martial arts.

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